About the Book

"It happened just a few years back. People woke up to a changed world. Virtually everything they owned was gone....."
During a lifetime of executive leadership and developing leaders, authors Steve Coats and Tom Heuer have relentlessly pursued the understanding of how leaders inspire and achieve growth, and why leaders make a difference.
The constant barrage of profound questions about the importance of purpose, the fading influence of so-called leaders in organizations, and the surge of young people interested in making a difference were significant tipping-points in researching and developing the Sustaining Growth Model, which is detailed below. They also discovered how vitally important it is to understand where people are in their careers, in order to best guide them toward achieving the extraordinary. Therefore, you will learn about the four unique career phases of a worker, and how to be a more effective growth leader for anyone, regardless of age or work experiences.
What must individuals do to adapt to change, disruption and discontinuity? How do people become ignited to soar and reach those exciting new frontiers of growth? In this book, you will find pathways to answer these kinds of meaningful and relevant questions as you lead others toward purposeful fulfilment in the different stages of career and life.