Growth Requires Change

On New Year’s eve 2020, I was picking up a carryout order from a local restaurant. As my order was being boxed up, I noticed something. Near the front of the restaurant, there was a long table with delivery orders on it. The orders were separated into sections, corresponding to some of the local delivery services (exp. Grubhub, DoorDash, etc.). Out came the order to the table. A minute or two later, in came the delivery driver. A jaunt over to the table, a check of the name on the order – and just like that, the delivery person was out the door. It seemed to be a very efficient system.

 I asked how business was expected to be for the night and the front end person said that dining in would be OK, but the carryout was going to be great. And by the looks of things, they were ready for it.

 I did not have time to get the details on how the system worked, but what was obvious was how this restaurant had changed (implemented a new process, if you will), in order to accommodate more business as efficiently as possible. By far, this table up front was turning over multiple times each hour, which in most restaurants is a good thing.

 Continuing to grow and prosper, especially in tough times (like COVID), requires people willing to put some energy and effort into creating new ways of operating. And like this example, not every change will be or needs to be a grand slam. What is needed is a culture where people are inspired, encouraged and equipped to be inventive. And everyone wins, when some of those inventions actually solve growth-limiting problems or lead to previously unseen new opportunities. Never forget that growth requires change and change requires new ways of thinking – and doing.